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"SAIL your soul, don't SELL it!"-Jhene Aiko
I was quiet, but I was not blind. —(via namelessjessi)


tinashe reminds me of aaliyah so much but not in an annoying, jocking way like other “whisper singers” or people who dress like her or always rock a side part. like i genuinely like her and enjoy her music 

Terry Crews on 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine,' Those WTF Old Spice Ads and the Art of Gameshow Hosting



How did Brooklyn Nine-Nine come about?
I actually had two other pilots coming at me real hard. We had some decisions to make. [Executive producers] Mike [Schur] and Dan [Goor] called me up and said, “Terry, we know you haven’t read a script yet, because we’re still working on it, but your character’s name is Terry. We hope you have a doppelganger, because whoever gets this part is going to be named Terry.” They were taking things out of my life. I told them how I enjoyed driving a minivan, that it was the perfect car for a family — they put that in the show. The fact that I was scared to get hurt when I was in the NFL because I was wondering how my kids were going to survive — they switched that around to the anxiety of police work. It was so cool; no one had ever done that. Brooklyn is the first show that gets me. What usually happens if you’re a big black dude is that you get big black jokes.

Love this man

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